The cremation process

Cremation involves reducing the deceased to bone fragments by applying intense heat for a period of two to three hours. The cremated remains, commonly referred to as ashes, are then removed from the cremation chamber. From there any metal objects are removed and the cremated remains are processed, creating an equal consistency. They will often appear white or grey in colour and typically weight between 1 to 2 kilograms. 

What mementos or personal items can be placed in the casket?

Notes, photos, and personal items can be placed with the deceased prior to cremation. However, since any items will be destroyed during the cremation process, we would suggest adding any jewellery to the urn after the cremation takes place. No glass, plastic or combustible materials may be added to the casket. 

Are there any restrictions to who can be cremated?

If anyone has had a radiative seed implant within the past two years, they are not eligible for cremation. If someone has a pacemaker, it would need to be removed by a Funeral Director prior to the cremation.

What funeral services can be selected if cremation is the selected method of disposition?

Cremation does not limit the services that may be chosen. The same options are available as with earth burial. One can still have an open casket viewing, visitation, and a service with a casket or an urn present, depending on your wish. 

Why choose us?

No matter how simple or involved your loved one's wishes may be, there is one step in the cremation process which is a constant: transferring your loved one into our care. Whether they pass away at their residence, the nursing home, the hospice or the hospital, we will ensure your loved one is cared for with dignity and grace. We firmly believe that your loved one should continue to be cared for like a loved one after they pass away, and we feel that our concern and care for them should match your own.  We take a soft approach with our transfers, and we train our staff to take a slow, gentle approach when they handle the deceased. We also use quilts and pillows to add another layer of gentle dignity to the transfer process. We have a secure, spacious area where your loved one would rest prior to the cremation. Here are several reasons why you should consider us:

  • No upselling - We are a family owned and operated. We do not have shareholders to answer to. Whereas some business models depend on getting you in the door at a low price, in the hopes of selling you more products and services, we stake our reputation on our fair, low-pressure approach. This is where our rural roots shine through.
  • Honest pricing - Be wary of any firm who claims to offer the lowest price for an immediate cremation. There are a number of firms who make that claim, and there can only be one with the lowest price. We are not the least expensive, nor are we the most expensive. We do feel, however, that we have the most to offer. For your peace of mind, we will match a lower price if it is presented to us.
  • Longevity - It is nice to know that the firm you pre-arrange your cremation with will be here in 10 years. We will be here when you need us. We have served the community for over 45 years. As the youngest funeral home owners in the Municipality, be assured that our young team of professionals are here to stay. 
  • A Dignified Experience -  As mentioned, we have a team of professionals whose sole purpose is to ensure your loved one is handled with care. Having the team and vehicles available allows us to be there when you need us. Not only do we have the team, but sufficient facilities to ensure your loved one is resting in a secure, dignified area within the funeral home before we make our journey to the crematorium. We also have a place for your family to come and say their good-byes at no extra cost if you so choose.
  • Estate Services - Your final wishes may be simple. That does not mean your estate is. Our Team will help your family with many areas of the estate paperwork. For a full breakdown of what we do, please click Estate Services.
  • We Put our Name on it - We may be the youngest Funeral Home owners in the Municipality, but we are still old fashioned that way. We believe that if you stand for something, you should put your name on it. We stake our reputation on our quality service and our open honest approach to serving families.