Estate Services

Even during the planning of a service for a loved one, issues surrounding the Estate process are often at the forefront of our minds. Whether we have facilitated a cremation from afar, or organized a celebration with many particulars, the process of settling an Estate remains the same.

Our Family Care Coordinators are here to help those left behind with critical tasks to ease the responsibility of Estate Trustees and avoid negative implications.

Services Include:

  • Applying for the C.P.P. Death Benefit & Survivors’ Benefits
  • Informing Old Age Security of a death
  • Cancelling one’s Social Insurance Number
  • Life Insurance Claims
  • Transferring Loyalty Card Points
  • Notifying Private Pension Providers
  • Determining the continuation of Benefits for those left behind
  • Assist in Informing Creditors
  • Transferring or cancelling Utilities
  • Cancelling credit cards
  • Cancelling mobile phones
  • Nexus Travel Card
  • Address the Cancellation of Government ID cards, passports, and licenses
  • Notarize / Commission Documentation
  • Planning Ahead

We continually strive to grow the breadth of our services. Please bring your questions to us. In working through your unique circumstance together, we will be able to better serve others in the community in future. 

Our Outreach Experts

Barb Carruthers

​Jeff Mardling