What is a Companion Urn?

By: Nathan McKinlay
Wednesday, March 1, 2023

What is a companion urn?

In recent years we have had more and more families asking about companion urns. A companion urn is an urn which is large enough to contain two separate sets of cremated remains or consists of two separate urns that rest together side by side.

Often, one will select a companion urn if one spouse wishes to keep the other’s cremated remains at home until they themselves pass or if they are both planning on going into a columbarium niche. If they select the niche, often the entire urn will go into the niche until the second spouse passes away. Once the second spouse passes, we would retrieve the urn from the columbarium niche, so the other spouse could be placed inside.

If used for a niche, the size of the urn is extremely important as the width, height and depth of the urn can be no larger than 11.5” to fit in most niches.

Companion urns will also be buried at cemeteries after the second spouse passes away.

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