Symbolism in the Wild

By: Alyssa Jerrett
Wednesday, March 22, 2023

A butterfly flutters on by, a hummingbird stops to take a drink of water from a nearby feeder, a cardinal sits upon a snowy wintergreen overlooking the neighbourhood. The moment you see one, it brings a smile to your face, a tear rolling down your cheek or a laugh to your belly – all because it reminds you of that special someone. Someone who is no longer with us physically, but seeing those small bouts of symbolism, keeps our days bright.

Symbolism, and the deeper connection to tangible objects, are important to us throughout each season. As the trees, daffodils & tulips begin to blossom once again, and the sun shines just a bit longer each and every day, a sense of overwhelming relief is upon us. With this comes the presence of butterflies, as they are being released from their cocoons and stretch their wings. Butterflies have historically represented change, a time of transformation, comfort, hope & positivity. Monarch butterflies have always brought a sense of comfort to my life, and a remembrance of my own grandmother and her impact on my life.

The spring turns into summer and the presence of dragonflies is ever abundant. A sign of change, happiness and insight; many see dragonflies as good luck charms. Before we know it, fall is right around the corner and harvest season is among us. As you get out the overalls and check moisture levels in the fields, you may be missing your right-hand man. A dad, a brother, an uncle – the one you could count on to work all hours into the night with to ensure it all gets done. You may recall their quirky one liners that they always said stuck in your head as you’re moving along the corn fields, but despite not having them with us, they are always with you in spirit.

Among the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, we are surrounded by signs and ornaments penned with the saying “When a cardinal appears in your yard, it’s a visitor from heaven”. Bringing back a rush of memories, happy or sad, of those who we have lost over the past several years. Cardinals bring along the message of joy, hope, renewal, and the importance to stay connected to your spiritual side. Along with being a common bird seen among the wild, unlike others, cardinals do not migrate for the winter – making them a breathtaking scene amongst the snowy, wintery landscape. Whatever the weather may look like outside, or however high the snow piles over night, it is comforting to look outside and have a glimpse of a memory of those we miss so much.

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